A day of lover boys. The weekend’s here ….

lover-boys-9Hi, friends and readers:

It’s always nice to come across a photo of two young men showing affection to each other without feeling ashamed about being gay.And when I come across a few I like I save them to share with all of you. I really like the two I’m posting here this morning. Aren’t the guys to the left here cute?

Due to a bout with The Midnight Disease around two AM this morning, I was up until four AM, and then I didn’t get back out of bed until almost nine AM, which dashed my morning beach walk. 🙁 It was okay. I made some coffee, ate a quick breakfast, and then read the newspaper.

lover-boys-7Isn’t this photo to the left here wonderful? Do you think the guys in the photo were getting married, or were they just attending some sort of formal event? It doesn’t matter, really. They certainly do look happy, don’t they?

My boyfriend and I have a nice evening planned for ourselves, but first he’s doing his pro bono job today. I have some work in the writing department to perform, and then I’ll drive into the city to visit the YMCA for a workout and lap-swimming. Tonight we’re dining at a Greek restaurant in town, and then we’ll go to a movie my boyfriend wants to see, The Magnificent Seven. I’m not crazy about movie theaters. They’re over-priced and people are always talking in the auditorium while the film’s in progress. But I agreed to go, since I’ve heard the film is pretty good. Who knows, maybe we’ll smooch in the lobby like the guys in the lower photograph. 😉

Have a nice Friday, everyone. The weekend’s here.

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