Hot boys and their cameras; busy Sunday ahead for Martin ….

camera-6Hi, friends and readers:

Okay, most selfies are cheesy, especially when they’re taken in the bathroom or laundry room, but occasionally I’ll come across one or two that I think are worthy of sharing, and then I’ll put them up for all you guys to enjoy. Mr. Black Briefs to the left here certainly has that wholesome, athletic, boy-next-door look, doesn’t he? Why doesn’t he live next door to me? 🙁

Well our neighborhood street party was a good time last night; the weather was perfect and a good crowd turned out. My boyfriend and I played two rounds of eight-ball in the tavern down there. Like always, I lost both rounds. I suck at pool.

Anyway, we came home in time to watch a little college football before it was time for bed, and then we slept in till 8:30 this morning, which was fine with me. I decided to skip my morning beach walk and get busy writing instead.

camera-15Today will be a busy day for me. After I finish writing this morning, my boyfriend and I will drive southward to visit an office where he’s interviewing for a potential, post-graduation job. We’ll grab lunch down there, and then we will meet with a guy who is selling a boat we are interested in possibly buying. After that we’ll hit the supermarket t stock the fridge for the week, and then I’ll take my three-mile beach walk when we get home. I think I’ll get something to toss on the charcoal grille for dinner, and then we’ll watch the Green Bay Packers game on TV. Not a bad Sunday, huh?

Have a nice day, everybody ….

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