Beautiful men in black-and-white; overcast day on the island ….

black-and-white-beauty-7Hi, friends and readers:

High quality black-and-white photography is a passion of mine, and at least once a week I like to share black-and-white photos I consider especially good. This morning I am posting two that I really like, especially the one to the left here. The young man is, of course, beautiful: his facial features, his dark eyes, his shaggy hair, his rippled belly, and those thighs. Aye-yi-yi …. 🙂

I was up late last night, getting a few things done in the writing department after watching an NFL game that went on far to late. That means I slept in too late this morning, and I couldn’t do my usual beach walk.

Oh, well …. I dove into a writing project while I ate my breakfast at my desk, and then I took care of some correspondence that needed attention. Now I’m sipping from a cup of coffee while I await a technician who will service our air conditioning unit.

black-and-white-beauty-5Speaking of air conditioning, fall has finally arrived in central Florida, and that means it’s my favorite time of year. Our summer heat has finally loosened its grip and our nights are cool. Ah-h-h-h-h ….

See the guy to the left here? About ten years ago I spent en entire summer in Berlin, Germany. I rented an apartment there and I worked on a writing project. Early on I became friends with a young man from Rostock who came to live with me for a couple of weeks; he looked much like the guy in this photo. Ah, what a lusty lad he was …. 🙂

Today will be a quiet one for me. I’ll work on my novel-in-progress, read the newspaper, and visit the wine market, here on our island. I’ll also take a two-mile run around four PM, as my daily exercise, and I’ll make some phone calls that I owe people. My boyfriend is cooking our dinner tonight, so I don’t even need to concern myself with that. Sweet, eh?

Have a nice Tuesday, everyone.


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