Beautiful and naked. Is he a Greek god?

greek-godHi, friends and readers:

When I came across this photo the other day, I knew I wanted to share it with you guys, so today is the day, and instead of shrinking it like I normally do, I left it full-size and centered the picture. He reminds me of Greek god sculptures I’ve seen in museums, or of Renaissance paintings of beautiful young men. Yummy ….

on-the-boat-5Speaking of beautiful young men…is the guy to the left here gorgeous or what? Imagien spending a weekend with him? Aye-yi-yi …

I was in bed last night around 11:00, where I spent a little time reading before my boyfriend called for lights-out. So I woke up this morning around seven. I lay in bed for a half-hour, until daylight arrived, and then I headed for the beach to take my usual three-mile walk. The walk was pleasant enough, but a phenomenon called “red tide” is plaguing the Gulf of Mexico right now. It kills all kinds of fish, and this morning I passed the carcasses of two small sharks on the beach, one a black tip and the other a hammerhead.

Now, uninformed folks might think a dead shark is a good thing, but it’s not. Sharks play an important part in the marine food chain, and they need to be protected. In fact, I have a specialty shark tag on my car that I pay extra for each year, and I’m a surfer. Okay, enough ecology lesson for today ….

Have a great Thursday, friends.

5 thoughts on “Beautiful and naked. Is he a Greek god?

  1. Man I would worship him as a god. 🙂 Beautiful boy.

    Oh the red tide. I do NOT miss that smell. haha Everyone thinks living on the beach must be like a vacation every day but they dont think about things like hurricanes and red tide. 🙂

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