A sexy video clip from “Les Minets Sauvages”, a Cadinot film ….

les-minets-sauvagesHi, friends and readers:

Back in the 1980’s French gay porno director, J. P. Cadinot, produced a film titled Les Minets Sauvages. The film was a huge hit, and was later released n the U.S. under the title Tough and Tender. 

The story takes place in a boys’ reformatory in the French countryside, where quite a bit of sex goes on between the residents, mostly consensual, but not always. When an innocent lad is brought the the reformatory, all the other boys have their way with him. The scenes are quite graphic and not for the squeamish, but the ending is a happy one of sorts.

The entire film used to be available for free on PornHub, but no longer. But you can view a five-minute clip from the film here:


If you are over the age of eighteen, you might want to have a look at this old-school classic.

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