Sexy guys getting wet; busy day ahead for Martin ….

wet-2Hi, friends and readers:

When you add water to a sexy guy’s skin and hair, something magical happens. He suddenly looks even more appealing, like the guys in this morning’s photo posts. How would you like to share a swimming hole with Mr. Smiley in the upper photo? I could spend all afternoon with him. 😉

wet-4I’m up early this morning, with a full work schedule ahead of me, now that the termite tent is gone. First I’ll have to clean our refrigerator and kitchen shelves before I return all our food to them. While they dry off, I will get busy bringing the house plants indoors where they belong, and that will take a while. After I grab some lunch, I’ll get busy cleaning up the outside areas of our property; it’s a mess right now, but after I spend a few hours out there I think things will be fine.

Have a nice Thursday, everyone.

2 thoughts on “Sexy guys getting wet; busy day ahead for Martin ….

  1. Great pictures Martin! I’m fairly sure the sexy young man you call Mr Smiley is the actor Tom Holland, who plays Spiderman. If you look up his instagram page there are pics of him playing basketball shirtless and his upper body looks really ripped now.
    Personally I’d cast him in a role where he ALWAYS had to take his top off!

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