Sexy Asian men; busy day ahead for Martin ….

asian-boy-2Hi, friends and readers:

I’ve always had a thing for Asian men. They have such beautiful skin and hair, and they tend to be graceful in their movement. Plus most are unfailingly polite. In my younger days, when I traveled on business to San Francisco, I always made time to visit a gay bar on Polk Street where Asian men went to meet Anglo men. It was like a treasure trove for me. I still have vivid memories of the Asian men I met there: Chinese, Filipinos, and Vietnamese guys. Ah, the good old days ….

I’m up early, but there’s no time for a walk on the beach this morning. Instead I will get busy re-planting the shrubs we had to dig up for the termite tenting of our house. The poison gas used by the exterminator would have killed plants close to the house, so we put them in boxes with garden soil. Now they have to go back in the ground.

asian-boy-7Umm, have a look at Mr. Sexy to the left here. Look at those lips. Would you pass up the chance to spend an evening with him? Of course you wouldn’t. 🙂

So, after the plants go back in the ground (There are about twenty of them.) we will have to distribute mulch around them, and then water in the mulch. The whole process will take about three to four hours. We have other work to do as well outside, trying to put our property back together after the tenting. What fun.

My Florida Gators play Georgia in their annual football rivalry. The game’s at 3:30 PM today. And then we are attending a Halloween party at a friend’s home, where we will carve our pumpkins and drink a few beers.

Have a nice Saturday, friends.


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