Sexy guys with hairy legs; breezy night on the island ….

hairy-legsHi, friends and readers:

I’ve never had much body hair: smooth chest and thighs, smooth butt, minimal hair on my calves. A lot of my boyfriends through the years really liked my smoothness, but I have to say that I like guys with hairy legs, like the two in tonight’s photo posts. And check out the lips on Mr. Cutie to the left. Yumm ….

Well, I got busy this afternoon. I drove to a plant nursery to buy three Confederate jasmine vines, and then I went to Home Depot to buy three large pots, wire, and potting soil.I brought it all home, and then I transplanted the vines into the pots for placement in our yard.

hairy-calvesCheck out the somewhat cruel eyes on Mr. Jock to the left here. How’d you like to spend an hour in the sack with him? I could lick those beautiful thighs for hours, but I digress …. 😉

You have to understand, we live on a little island that is mostly sand and shells; it’s very hard for plants to flourish in our soil. So we put a lot of shrubs in pots above ground, instead. The vines I transplanted will grow up the wires I bought, and then they will cover our trellises out front. They’ll be pretty.

Speaking of pretty, it’s a real pretty night here, breezy and cool, but not chilly at all. I’m baking a chicken and rice dish for our dinner tonight, and right now we’re watching Green Bay Packers football. Sadly, the Packers aren’t playing too well. 🙁 I’m savoring a cold beer, and ready to relax after all my yard work efforts. Have a nice Sunday night, friends.

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