Lover boys getting close; beautiful morning on the island ….

lover-boys-9Hi, friends and readers:

When I was in high school and college, boys were not allowed to show affection to each other, not even hugs were socially acceptable. But nowadays I often see two boys holding hands or even kissing in public places, and I think it’s very refreshing. Of course, it’s important for lover boys to choose the right places to kiss or hold hands. I don’t think such behavior would go over big at a Donald Trump rally. But in many places I think it’s safe to show affection.

lover-boys-kiss-beachDo you like the two “lover boys” photos I have posted here this morning as much as I do? And the guys in the photos are so cute. 🙂

I rose about 8:15 this morning, but I skipped my beach walk because I have a major editing project I am working on and I wanted to get to work on it as early as possible. I worked for three hours, and now I’m taking a break before I have lunch.

It’s a perfectly beautiful day here this morning: sunny, cool and still. Everything looks and smells fresh in my patios and my yard, and I’m feeling great. Right after lunch I will drive into town to visit the YMCA for a workout and lap-swimming, and then I’ll return to our island. I’m serving as a juror in a mock trial tonight, so I am meeting my boyfriend and another fellow juror for dinner back in town. Then I’ll sit in the trial for a few hours.

Have a nice Wednesday, everyone

2 thoughts on “Lover boys getting close; beautiful morning on the island ….

  1. Its realy hot when you see two young guys kiss each other.Nothing wrong with showing such affection .People should accept it more because it will happen more often in the future.I do not understand people who think its wrong. When young guys are cheeky and cockey then I find something wrong with that,for that they need a good old fashioned pants down spanking. over the lap.

  2. martin – I just wanted to thank you for posting pics of kissing boys. Back when I was a teen you couldn’t dream of doing that much less announce you were gay. As a result, I went through my teens very lonely and lost. my family wouldn’t accept my being gay (and still wouldn’t if I told them today) , my private protestant school would have thrown me out, my church would have prayed for me “healing from sin” (how insulting). I feel a bitter sweet pain when I see pics of kissing boys. Pain that I could never do what the pics show. But a nice feeling that I can at least see other boys with that freedom. I wish life gave you at least one do over and I could be a gay teen in today’s world. I know it’s still not easy but but so much more accepted than when I was a teen. I have never written to before and probably never will again but I wanted to thank you for these types of pics they mean alot to me.

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