Slender boys are sexy; camping in store for Martin ….

slender-4Hi, friends and readers:

We all love hunks, those guys with lots of muscle and a swagger in their step. Hey, it’s a gay guy thing. But a lot of us like slender boys too, smooth-skinned boys with just a trace of muscle and long limbs, like the two in today’s photo posts. How would you like to share a swimming pool with Mr. Smoothie to the left here. I think he’s about to lose his swim trunks, which wouldn’t be a bad thing, now would it?

Yummm ….

I was up at eight this morning, but I skipped my morning beach walk so I could get right to work on my editing project, which consumed most of yesterday. I just want to get the project done, so I am glued ot my desk until I do. I’m taking a break right now.

slender-6Now, Mr. Treasure Trail to the left here has ultra-furry legs, but he’s handsome nonetheless, and I certainly would not pass up an evening with him. Would you? Check out that wavy hair. I could run my fingers through it for hours. 🙂

As soon as my editing project is done this morning, I’ll grab some lunch, and then I will head for the supermarket to buy food and ice. My boyfriend and I are going camping this afternoon, at a county park not far from here. We have a site reserved and this afternoon, while my boyfriend is in class, I will load the Element up with our camping gear and our food cooler. It’s a lot of stuff: tent, sleeping bags and pads, lantern, folding chairs, fishing gear, a clothes box. But it’s worth all the hassle to enjoy the outdoors. Our site is waterfront with a view of the Gulf, and the weather will be perfect for sleeping in a tent.

Have a nice Thursday, everyone.

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