Best friends, sharing life; Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and readers ….

best-friends-5Hi, friends and readers:

It’s Thanksgiving Day 2016, and a time to count our blessings. One of life’s greatest blessings is having a best friend, particularly when you’re a teenager and to a certain degree you’re becoming independent from your family. You are forming a personal viewpoint about life, and having a best friend makes a huge difference.

When I saw the photos I am posting here this morning, I was reminded of my teenage years, when I lived in a beach town. (As I do now.) The Gulf of Mexico and a white sandy beach were only steps from my front door. My best friend during those years was Curtis; he lived two blocks from me, and between the ages of fourteen and eighteen, Curtis and I were inseparable. We did everything together: surfing, skimboarding, pool-hopping at Gulf-front hotels, bowling, playing pinball, and simply walking the beach while taking about events at school and our hopes for the future.



After high school, I went off to the University of Florida while Curtis attended our local community college, but he transferred to UF for his last two years of college, and we roomed together. Curtis wasn’t gay; we were just very close friends. Now he’s married and lives near Ft. Lauderdale, but we stay in touch. I still think of the times we spent together as teenagers, when it seemed like we had all the time  in the world to hang out. I wish we’d had more. 🙁

best-friends-2It’s a beautiful day, here on the island. I rose at 7:15 AM to take a three-mile walk on the beach, which was a delightful experience. The sun is shining, it’s about 78 degrees, and there’s no wind blowing.

My boyfriend and I are preparing a Thanksgiving dinner for just ourselves. I’m making stuffing and roasting a 12-pound turkey. He’s making green bean casserole. We’ll drink some beer and watch some football, and after dinner maybe we’ll take a moonlit walk on the beach. Not too bad, eh?

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, friends.

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