Flirtatious twinks; easy Friday on the island ….

twink-6Hi, friends and readers:

You’ve got to love social media, where boys get flirty online, boys who haven’t yet experienced heartbreak and rejection, who think it’s all going to be carefree and fun, once they become sexually active.

Well ….

It’s all right; let them have their fun while it’s all in their imagination. They’ll confront reality soon enough, and the boy to the left here looks like he knows exactly what he wants. 😉

Our Thanksgiving turned out to be really nice. We watched football most of the afternoon. I prepared stuffing and placed it inside the turkey. I seasoned the turkey and put it in a roasting bag, and around four PM we put the turkey in the oven. Then I took a two-mile run while my boyfriend took a bike ride. We had a beer on our observation deck, and then we took a blanket down to the beach with a few more beers that we drank while watching sunset.

twink-12Back at the house, my boyfriend prepared his mom’s green bean casserole recipe while I drank a bit of wine. 🙂 We listened to music and made a few phone calls to family and friends, and then, right around seven PM, my boyfriend carved the turkey. Man, the food was superb. The weather was so nice too. We had the doors and windows open and our patio fountain was gurgling while we dined. I have to say it was one of the better Thanksgiving meals I’ve ever enjoyed, despite the fact only two of us partook. I ended up going to bed around ten PM, but I got back up later on, when our friend and neighbor came over to share a bottle of wine with us.

twink-2Okay, now it’s Friday and our fridge is full of leftovers. We just had lunch–turkey sandwiches of course–and now it’s early afternoon. Normally, I would go to the YMCA for a workout, but it’s just too nice, here on the island, to leave. The sun s shining and the temperature’s just right, so I’ll settle for a three-mile walk on the beach later on this afternoon. Sometimes you just have to buck routine in favor of enjoying the moment, I believe, and today is one of those times. All right, everyone, I need to water my plants and shrubs, so I will wish each of you a wonderful Friday, wherever you might be.

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