More skateboarders; Gator football in store tonight ….

skater-helmetHi, friends and readers:

I know you all enjoyed the “sexy skateboarders” post this morning, and the comment I shared with you from a gay skater, so I thought I would put up two more skater pics this evening. Do you like them as much as I do?

I thought so …. 😉

skater-pic-9I had a productive day, actually, I did some writing this morning for my novel-in-progress. Then, after lunch, I drove to my favorite plant nursery to buy three shrubs, two for the area under our observation deck, where we had to dig everything up for the termite tenting last month. Most all the plants survived, but a few did not, and what I bought today replaced the last of the ones that died. It looks good out there now.

We haven’t had rain in at least a month, and the deck was looking dusty, so I dragged a garden hose up there and washed everything down. Now it’s nice and clean.

If you’re a Florida native, then you know that tonight is the biggest football night in our state, the rivalry between University of Florida and Florida State University will be played at eight PM. I attended four years at UF, and then three years at FSU, where I got my law degree. I love both schools, but when it comes to football I’m a die hard Gator fan. It’ll be a fun evening. I’m grilling a steak over charcoal for our pre-game dinner. Yummy ….

Have a nice Saturday night, friends.

7 thoughts on “More skateboarders; Gator football in store tonight ….

  1. The Boy On The Wall is one of mine from a few years ago … one of my favourite captures.

    Nice to see him on your wonderful site.

    • Hi, Lucky:

      I think we corresponded before about your photograph. It’s a wonderful work of art. I’m glad you don’t object to me posting it on my site, so I can share it with my readers.


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