Sexy skateboarders; comment from a gay skater ….

skater-pic-3Hi, friends and readers:

For a long while I used to post comments I received from gay skateboarders. It almost seemed like this website became a forum for gay skaters about their subculture and how they dealt with homophobic attitudes among the skater community. But after a while I stopped posting the comments because most every one sounded the same: “I stay in the closet when I’m at the skate park because I don’t want to get rejected by my friends there.”

Yesterday I received a comment from a skateboarder named Seth who lives somewhere in the Midwest. He didn’t say exactly where, but it sounded like a medium-sized town. Here’s part of what Seth had to say:

skater-pic-2“I came across your website when I Googled the term ‘gay skateboarder.’ Then I checked out all your posts of comments from gay skaters; I couldn’t believe how many there were. And I agree with most of what they said, about not coming out to your skater brothers. But I want to share something with you and the skaters who visit your blog.

“I met a guy, I’ll call him Dustin, at our local skatepark. He’s super good-looking and never wears a shirt. We got to hanging out together, and not just at the park, but at each other’s houses. And one night we were alone at Dustin’s house and we were sitting on the sofa, playing X-box, and kind of out of nowhere Dustin kissed me on the neck. He told me he was gay and he liked me.

skater-pic-11“I told him I liked him too, but I’d never guessed he was gay, and he said he never thought I was either. So now we have been boyfriends for about six months and it’s been really good. It just goes to show you how sometimes a guy you think is straight really isn’t.”

H-m-m-m, I wonder how often that sort of thing happens in the skateboarding subculture? Probably not too often, but it does provide some encouragement to gay boys who skate.

It’s another pretty day, here on the island. I plan on doing some yard work this afternoon, and then tonight my boyfriend and I will watch the Florida Gators play the FSU Seminoles, in their annual football rivalry. I attended University of Florida as an undergraduate, and then I attended law school at FSU; I love both schools. But I was raised to be a Gator since my folks went to school there, so I’ll root for the Gators.

Have a nice Saturday, everyone.

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