More boyfriends in the bedroom; breezy night on the island ….

boyfriend-in-bed-2Hi, friends and readers:

I know you guys enjoyed my “boyfriend in your bed” photos I posted this morning, so Ia m giving you two more in honor of boyfriends everywhere. Where would we be without them? I know, sometimes a boyfriend can disappoint you or get you angry or jealous of whatever. But that’s all part of being in an adult relationship, isn’t ? If the two of you love each other, things have a way of working out, at least in my experience.

boyfriend-in-bed-6Isn’t the boy to the left here beautiful? Look at those abs, those lips, and that line of fuzz de- scending from his navel. Yummy …

I had a very nice workout and lap-swimming session at the YMCA this afternoon. When I left there, I went to Home Depot to buy mulch and more flowers to plant. (Yes, we plant our flowers in November here, when the hot weather has passed.) I hit the meat market on the way home, and now I’m relaxing at my desk while my boyfriend studies. ¬†When five PM rolls around, about twenty minutes from now, I’ll ascend to our observation deck to enjoy a couple of cold beers.

I’m preparing one of my mom’s old recipes for our dinner tonight, an egg noodle casserole that I really like. I’ll prepare two garden salads to go with it. Should be tasty …. Have a nice Wednesday evening, friends.


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