One more beauty in black-and-white; quiet night on the island …..

black-and-white-beauty-9Hi, friends and readers:

I decided to put up one more of my favorite black-and-white photos tonight, this one of a Navy sailor who looks like he’s on shore leave. (See the camera hanging form his neck?) A lot of country boys enlist in the Navy because of the travel opportunities it offers.

Anyway, the guy in the photo reminds me exactly of the character Tyler in my short story Fuck Me…Please. Here’s how he’s described in the story:

“I checked him out while he ordered a beer. He was my age, probably five-ten, maybe one hundred and fifty pounds. He had what I call “pretty boy” features: a turned-up nose, dick-sucking lips, and craggy cheekbones. His eyelashes were long, like a girl’s. When he blinked, it was hard not to notice the eyelashes. His hair was dark, cut
short on the sides, a bit of length on top. He turned his face toward mine, and before I could look away, our gazes met.”

Fuck Me…Please appears in my anthology titled Sebastian Inlet. In the story another character named Forrest, an ex-Marine, needs a place to stay for the night in San Francisco. He meets Tyler at a bar, and Tyler offers a deal: lodgings for sex, with Tyler as top-man. Forrest’s ensuing surrender of his anal cherry may make a few readers squirm, but I’ve received so many messages from readers over the years, telling me how much they loved the story, and especially how it ends.

It’s a beautiful night, here on the island. I spent a half-hour on our deck around 5:30 PM, and then I came downstairs to prepare dinner–a casserole I’ve never made before, using leftover Thanksgiving turkey. I hope it comes out okay. 🙂

Have a nice Thursday night, friends.

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