One slutty Boy Scout and the art of Pierre Joubert ….

boy-scoutHi, friends and readers:

I was never a Boy Scout. I grew up in a single parent home and my mom couldn’t afford to buy the uniforms. But I had friends who were Scouts and I understand the camp-outs could often be rather slutty affairs. The Scout to the left here seems to be enjoying himself immensely, doesn’t he?

I had one of my “Midnight Disease” nights last night, where I went to bed at ten PM, only to wake up at one AM, feeling like I’d just drunk three cups of coffee. I was up until 3:30 AM before I finally got back to sleep, and then I slept until ten AM. Bad sleep schedule.

boy-scout-2Okay, the drawing to the left is one created by a French artist named Pierre Joubert, who it seems worshiped the beauty of young males. If you Google his name you’ll find plenty of his artwork displayed at a few different sites. He seemed to have a thing for scouts in uniform …. šŸ˜‰

It’s a little past 11:30 AM now, and I have read the newspaper and completed theĀ L. A. TimesĀ crossword puzzle with my boyfriend, and that’s about it. Some morning, eh? Well, that’s the price I pay for the Midnight Disease. I understand many writers are afflicted with this problem. I’ll survive.

pierre-joubert-forest-fireHere’s another Joubert piece titledĀ Forest Fire.Ā I wonder if Joubert used actual models when he drew his works?

Well, I will salvage today by visiting the YMCA with my boyfriend for a workout and lap-swimming. After the “Y” we will visit Home Depot to purchase a Christmas tree. Then tonight we’ll attend a Christmas party thrown by the law firm my boyfriend will work for after he graduates. It should be a fun gathering, to be honest. I’m looking forward to it.

All right, everyone. Despite my morning lethargy, I am ready to get busy with things around the house, so I will close this post by wishing all of you a wonderful Friday, wherever you might be. We listened to Christmas music last night and it kind of got me in the holiday spirit. Ho-ho-ho.

6 thoughts on “One slutty Boy Scout and the art of Pierre Joubert ….

  1. You know why you have the “Midnight Disease”? Because you keep posting photos of these twinks and they are creeping into your dreams. You wake up at night confused and restless like a prisoner who can’t escape. You wonder around your room while starring at your boyfriend while he sleeps. You ponder the ideas of what kind of fun you could have with him at that very moment. But you are a polite person and would not want to wake him up. So instead you go into the kitchen to twiddle your thumbs and eat paper. You realize the paper is very tasty and you keep eating more. After some time you begin to have an upset stomach and sudden urge to use the restroom hits. You sit down and think it’s number two when in reality it is a tree branch coming out of your butt. That’s what happens when you eat paper Martin. You shit out tree trunks. What do you gotta say about that Mr.Midnight?

  2. When I used to live near Tampa, there was an unimproved park nearby (no roads, picnic tables, etc.) that I liked to go to. At the entrance was a plaque announcing that the park was an Eagle Scout project, and gave the young man’s name. The thought crossed my mind, “How many times did our young scout pleasure himself in these woods?”

  3. Thanks for the picture and references, My xmas is without a tree. We get a bush boy on Xmas day at a FAT FEE. HA HA —> There are adult [ and young, and younger ] males who LOVE little and young and teen and older boys, but do not sex with them, no, none of them, ever, at all, in any way, nor even masturbate about them. There are those who masturbate about them and no more, no way, never. NO TOUCHING ever do they want. And others who refuse to. This is different from those who want and seek sex with their desirables. The sex lobby hates all males ( mostly males do the hunt, but not exclusively, they assert, even if ) and some want them males to undergo ‘tame training’. The sex lobby includes very many females and also very many males and includes many gays, m and f.. The Boy Scouts have this issue as a homo thing [ in spite of reality ], Boys often WANT to show off the body. Girls often WANT to show off the body. Show off the body and show it off to adults and show it off to each other. But not all male lovers want sex with the show-offs. The excitement is sufficient. Let the boy have love and attention more than deserving ! OK ! Scouts and men ? [ Some boy scouts in my youth are more than horny. Another story. ]

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