Boys with beautiful butts; busy day ahead for Martin ….

butt-11Hi, friends and readers:

If you follow this site, then you know I’m a dedicated lover of young men’s rear-ends. There is nothing more sensual than a pair of smooth, firm, and rounded cheeks. How could you resist squeezing Mr. Tree Hugger’s buns to the left here? Well, you couldn’t … 😉 I wonder what’s on his mind?

Well, we attended the law firm’s Christmas party last night, which was not only nice, but really fun. People were super-friendly, the food and wine was great, and the atmosphere was pleasant. All in all a good evening.

I have a busy day ahead of me. After taking care of things around the house this morning, I need to do some Christmas shopping. Yeah, Christmas shopping ….

butt-14Um-m-m, here’s another young man hanging out in nature with his rear-end exposed. It work’s for me. I’d chase him through the woods all day long.

So, back to Christmas shopping. I absolutely detest shopping malls, but that is where I have to go this afternoon, to buy a few gifts I don’t want to buy online. The traffic will be terrible and the lines at the check-out stations will be long, but that’s part of Christmas, right?

Outside, the sun is shining and a breeze is stirring the fronds on our coconut palms. The temperature is 75 degrees. I think I’ll take a walk on the beach before we share lunch, and then I’ll hop into the Element and get down to business.

All right, all you butt-lovers, I hope you enjoyed the photos I posted here. I’ll put up two more later today, when my shopping adventures conclude. Have a nice Saturday, everyone.


2 thoughts on “Boys with beautiful butts; busy day ahead for Martin ….

  1. Swear I will that this is the same two pictures of the same bare ass open sesame guy on the tree, the same tree, and of that same guy you would, if you could, as you write it back then, at another time, chase through the woods, all day long, and … … … You say nought then and now what comes atnthe catch catching ! The run is really a good part of the hunt is it not ? Nice for you to hint at the fun of a run in the hunt and at any In at any end of any running hunted’s … !!! … … Thanks

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