Beautiful guys with long hair; lazy Sunday in store for Martin ….

long-hair-6Hi, friends and readers:

You don’t see too many guys walking around with long hair these days, but when I was in college and law school a lot of guys wore their hair long, including me. My hair grew past my shoulders. I liked the way it looked (And so did certain other people. 🙂 ) but it was a pain in the ass to take care of. I finally had it all cut off when I had to interview with law firms for a job after graduation, and I never grew it long again. I guess I could grow it long again if I wan ted to, but I think long hair is for young men, not old guys like me.

long-hair-4We attended a birthday party at a craft beer bar in downtown St. Petersburg yesterday afternoon, where we watched my Florida Gators get demolished by Alabama. 🙁 Then we came home to watch a lighted boat parade go past our house. Once the parade was over, we ate dinner while watching Wisconsin (my boyfriend’s alma mater) play Penn State in football. I fell asleep half-way through the game, and at some point made my way to bed.

We didn’t get out of bed this morning until almost eleven AM, so I guess I needed some rest. Now it’s almost one PM and I have done nothing other than read the Sunday newspaper from cover to cover. I don’t have much planned this afternoon, other than ding some yard work and taking a two-mile run, here on the island. My boyfriend has his last final exam tomorrow, and then he’s a free man till January.

Have a nice Sunday, everyone.

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