“Daddy Gets Home”, a sexy little intra-generational love story ….

dad-in-chargeHi, friends and readers:

The photo to the left is one of a series of stills from a porn film I have not seen, nor do I know its title. But I’d sure like to see it, as I find the young man incredibly sexy.

I see more and more intra-generational relationships in the gay community these days. There are several websites catering to young men who like older guys, and older guys who crave younger men. So I suspect a lot of this is going on, and why not?

If you want to see more photos from this file, you can see them here:


By the way, the photo set is strictly for adults who aren’t offended by male nudity.

I’m just back from my two-mile run, which was great because the weather right now is so beautiful: sunny, dry, and just a little cool.After I shower, I’m going to spend a relaxing evening at home while my boyfriend studies for his exam.

Have a nice Sunday night, friends.

2 thoughts on ““Daddy Gets Home”, a sexy little intra-generational love story ….

  1. PHuff Huff … two mile run … Puff Puff … to get home … and while your boyfriend studies you do this to us. THANKS !

  2. Ohhh…yes they are Argentinian….I know the boy, he is from Buenos Aires and is a very lovely person…….he works as porn-star and escort, but I knew him from buying in a Carrefour. When I travel to Buenos Aires, we share lunch or dinner both.

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