Guys with kissable lips; damp and foggy night on the island ….

lips-2Hi, friends and readers:

Have a look at the guy to the left here. Notice how his lip color matches his shirt. And see how pillow-like his lips are. They almost scream to be kissed, plus I can only imagine some other things he could do with them. 😉

Well, my boyfriend and I tended to Christmas matters today, now that he’s done with school for the semester. While he shopped, I wrapped gifts. I hit the wine market and the supermarket, and after my boyfriend came home we created our 2016 Christmas card at at Walgreen’s photo department, a piece of cake.

lipsTonight we will bake Christmas cookies to give our neighbors, something we do every year. So we also had to find some cookie tins to put the cookies in, and we found those at a Dollar Tree store of all places. Baking cookies is a very precise art that requires patience. If you leave out an ingredient or overcook them they don’t come out right. But since we use the same three recipes every year, we’ve pretty much got the science down.

I took a three-mile run around four PM, which felt great. Outside it’s very damp and there will be fog tonight for certain. We’ve got the a/c to keep things dry and cool while we bake, and since we won’y have time to cook dinner tonight, we’ll order a pizza and salad from a place down the street. I always enjoy this evening every Christmas season because to me traditions are what Christmas is all about. Have a nice Tuesday night, friends.

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