One super-handsome guy, and memories from my youth ….

handsome-8Hi, friends and readers:

The first time I saw the two photos I have posted here today, my heart leapt into my throat. The reason? Let me explain ….

When I was thirteen and going on fourteen, my mom, my sister and I lived in a cool house right on the beach, here in west central Florida. I was a horny young devil and I already knew I liked boys instead of girls.

My sister, who was a year older than me, began dating a boy named Dan; he was a high school senior, and absolutely beautiful. He looked exactly like the guy in these photos: blond, blue-eyed, slender with just a bit of muscle. Dan owned a Honda motorcycle, and sometimes he would take me for a ride on the cycle; we’d cruise the beach highway with my arms wrapped around Dan’s slender waist. I was in heaven.

A couple of times, Dan spent the night at our house; he shared my queen-size bed with me, and it was all I could do to not cop a few feels after he fell asleep. Instead, I just lay there and listened to him breathe. God, that was a long time ago ….

handsome-2I wrote a story about me and Dan titled A Beautiful Motorcycle. It’s included in my short fiction anthology titled I’m Bi Myself. The story is not entirely factual, I’m afraid, but it describes my teenage desire for Dan quite accurately. If you want to read it, you can purchase a copy of the book by clicking on the cover of I’m Bi Myself in the sidebar to the right on this page.

Dan, where are you now?

Today will be an unpleasant one for me, I’m afraid. Tomorrow morning I must undergo a medical procedure called a “colonoscopy”. That means the doctor will stick a scope on a metal snake up my rear-end, while I am sedated. In preparation for this lovely procedure, I am not allowed to eat any solid foods today, only clear liquids and coffee. Great, eh? Then around five PM I have to start drinking this awful stuff to “cleanse” my lower intestine. That means I’ll be sitting on the porcelain throne a lot this evening. Oh, boy ….

I’ll get through today, but it won’t be pleasant, especially since I have to keep walking past all the Christmas cookies we baked last night. 🙁

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