Beautiful Curren Caples; sunny day on the island ….

curren-caplesHi, friends and readers:

If you’re not a part of the skateboarding subculture then you have probably never heard of Curren Caples, a skater-supreme from Ventura, CA, whom you see in today’s photo posts. Curren has been a pro skater for many years, and he’s a pretty good surfer too. I thought you guys would enjoy a couple of his photos, so I am putting them up this morning. He has that classic Southern California surfer/skater look to him that all gay men find appealing. I wonder what goes on in Curren’s personal life? Anyone know?

curren-caples-2I slept in late this morning, after attending a movie I found so boring I fell asleep half an hour after it started. Now it’s past eleven AM. We are taking our houseguests up to our fishing camp today, just for a visit so they can see how pretty things are up there. With any luck we’ll see a manatee and perhaps a few dolphins. The sun is shining and the temperature’s warming up, so I think it’ll be a nice day.

Enjoy your Saturday, everyone.

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