Hot boys in beanies; breezy morning on the island ….

beanie-2Hi, friends and readers:

You rarely see boys in beanies in central Florida because it never really gets cold enough to warrant wearing one. But I like the look of a beanie on certain guys. It’s a sex look for sure. Wouldn’t you like to spend some time with Mr. Armpit to the left here? I sure would …. 😉

Our trip to our fishing camp yesterday was a complete bust, due to the fact that all our windy weather had blown all the water out of the river and we could not get our boat out of our marina slip. 🙁 So we drove back home and went to the beach to watch sunset, and then we played an interesting card game call “Hockey”.

My boyfriend and our houseguests went out on a bar crawl last night, but I did not join them. I spent a lot of time in bars when I was younger, but they just don’t get me interested anymore. I watched a hockey game on TV. Then I did a little reading in bed before retiring.

beanieNow it’s Sunday morning, around nine-thirty, and I am the only person out of bed. I’m just finishing my breakfast, and then I’ll read the Sunday newspaper, a ritual of mine.

I’m not sure what we’ll do with our houseguests today before they fly back to Wisconsin. It’s sunny outside, and not too cool, but it’s still very breezy, so I don’t think we’ll break out the swimsuits. Anyway, it’ll be a nice day for anything, really. Enjoy your Sunday, everyone. And if it’s cold where you are, put on your beanie. 🙂

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