Beautiful boys in blue plaid shirts; Martin’s going fishing ….

blue-plaid-shirt-3Hi, friends and readers:

I’m not sure why, but blue plaid shirts, particularly when they are unbuttoned, can flatter a young man’s physique like nothing else. I mean, how could you resist touching Mr. Sexy Torso to the left here? Umm, you couldn’t. 🙂

I slept in late this morning, after visiting our timeshare down the street to soak in the hot tub with my boyfriend. Afterward, we each opened one of our Christmas presents by the Christmas tree. My boyfriend gave me a nice new fillet knife for my fishing tackle box, something I will use for many years to come, a perfect gift.

blue-plaid-shirt-3This afternoon, we will travel northward in the Element, to spend two nights at our fishing camp. The weather is supposed to be good and maybe the fishing will be as well. These trips always involve a good deal of preparation, as our camp is on an island one can only reach by boat. It’s a very remote location, so we have to bring whatever we’ll want to eat and drink, as well as our fishing gear and clothing, as well as toiletries. It’s worth it, though.

Outside, it’s very foggy this morning, due to the fact that the Gulf of Mexico is cold, while our daytime temperatures have been warm for December, and that’s okay by me.

Since we don’t have Internet service at our camp, I will not be posting again until Thursday evening, so you’ll have to get along without me until then. Have a nice Tuesday, friends.


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