Beautiful guys in black-and-white; Martin’s home alone ….

black-and-white-beauty-20Hi, friends and readers:

Androgynous young men have always attracted my attention. They are relatively rare, and if an androgynous guy has talent, that’s an even greater rarity.

When I saw the photo to the left, my heart skipped a beat or two. What’s not to like about this young man? Beautiful hair, lips, eyes, and beautiful, freckled skin. I could spend an evening with him, drinking wine and listening to his youthful views on the world around him. I wonder what sort of tricks he can perform with those pudgy lips that look like an exotic flower. Aye-yi-yi … 😉

Well, I had a great workout and lap-swimming session at the YMCA. I left feeling refreshed and ready for the remainder of the day. I hit the supermarket on the way home for various items I’ll need this weekend, and then I came home.

black-and-white-beauty-8Leonardo DiCaprio, who you see to the left here, was a favorite of gay guys who loved androgynous young men. And he had tremendous acting talent, even as a teenager. Leo allowed his admirers to photograph him in very suggestive poses, but I have no idea whether he ever engaged in sexual encounters with men in his younger days. Anyway, I think it’s a great photo.

As mentioned in my morning post, my boyfriend is out of town, and thus I am alone tonight. 🙁 Around five PM I enjoyed a pair of cold beers on my observation deck. The sun was setting and the air was still, the temperature around 77 degrees F, just perfect weather. I listened to my i-Pod while I was up there, and then when the beers were gone I came downstairs and worked on a writing project briefly. Now it’s 6:30 PM and I am not sure what I’ll do with the rest of my evening. Maybe visit my timeshare down the street to soak in the hot tub? We’ll see ….

Have a nice Friday night, friends.

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