Sexy Alex Pettyfer; beautiful morning on the island ….

alex-pettyferHi, friends and readers:

Yesterday I posted a photo of British film actor Alex Pettyfer, I guess it was taken when he was in his late teens. Then, last night, someone sent me the photos I am posting here this morning. It seems young Alex has–ahem–grown up. Aye-yi-yi, what a babe. Do you think he has any problem getting laid?

I had a terribly restless night last night, perhaps due to my boyfriend’s absence. I woke up around three AM and didn’t get back to sleep until 5:30 AM. Of course that resulted in my sleeping until ten AM, and now it’s past eleven AM. I hate those kinds of nights, but they happen every so often and I just have to deal with them. At least I put the sleepless hours to good use by working on my novel-in-progress, and also reading a Carl Hiasson book called Lucky You that is pretty funny.

alex-pettyfer-2Okay, here is Pettyfer photo number two. Now, tell me: if there a more beautiful guy alive? I wonder if he has a boyfriend?

It’s a lovely day on the island today: sunny and dry, with a slight breeze. After lunch I plan to take a three-mile walk on the beach, and then I’ll run a few errands in the Element. I plan to do a bit of yard work afterward, and then maybe I’ll have dinner with a friend in the city if he’s up for it.

Have a nice Saturday, everyone.


2 thoughts on “Sexy Alex Pettyfer; beautiful morning on the island ….

  1. The man in the photo wants you Martin. As a matter of fact everyone wants you! All the boys pictures you post are staring right back at you in a “fuck me” sort of pose.

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