A really cool Norwegian TV series about gay youth …..

isak-and-evenHi, friends and readers:

I’ve just learned about a Norwegian television series that will soon be re-made into an English-language series. The Norwegian series is called Skam. In it, the two boys to the left, Isak and Even, fall in love with each other and carry on an open relationship at their high school. They aren’t ashamed about it at all, which I find amazing. You can see a really sweet clip from one show here:


isakThe boy who plays Isak is adorable. That’s him in the video clip above. His facial expressions are mesmerizing as he learns about himself and his feelings for Even. How come didn’t have a boyfriend like Isak when I was in high school? I can’t wait to see the English language series. I hope they continue using the same actors. 😉 Here’s another great and sexy clip:


You can also see some very nice video clips of Isak on YouTube that are accompanied by the song titled, He Likes Boys. You’ll love them, and here’s the link:


Enjoy, guys …. 🙂

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