Lover boys, getting intimate. Martin’s off to Wisconsin ….

lover-boys-2Hi, friends and readers:

I love photos of gay lovers getting intimate. Such activity used to be taboo when I was a boy, but not anymore. My boyfriend and I often hold hands in public, and we don’t hesitate to get affectionate at parties or when we are at friends’ homes. We aren’t ashamed of who we are.

I watched a movie last night, and then I spent a little time in our living room, listening to Christmas music and admiring our tree with all the presents under it. Then I went to bed and read for a while before falling asleep.

lover-boys-7Yesterday, I did almost all my packing for my trip northward. I own some cold weather clothing I have collected over the years: Under Armour top and bottom, wool socks, parka, double-layered long underwear, leather gloves, and a trapper hat, and all these except the parka are in my suitcase. At three PM today my flight leaves for Wisconsin, where the temperature will be about 35 degrees, as a high for the day. Snow is also predicted.

lover-boys-14Now, you may think I am nuts for leaving toasty Florida at this time of year, but I’m looking forward to a white Christmas, and maybe building a snowman. I might throw a few snow balls at my boyfriend, too. As long as I’m dressed warmly, the cold won’t bother me at all.

Anyway, before I go I have many things to do: water plants, cut of newspaper delivery, take out the trash, and other such drudgery that one must do when leaving home for a week.

I’m taking my laptop computer with me, and I think we’ll have Wifi where I am staying, so I will attempt to post while I am in Wisconsin because I know you guys couldn’t stand not hearing from em for a full week. But if I don’t post in the coming days it’s not because my plane crashed. I’ll do my best, friends.

Have a great Wednesday, wherever you might be.

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