A pair of cute boys; I’m having a White Christmas ….

selfie-6Hi, friends and readers:

Did you all begin to think that I was dead? Well, no. I spent the past five days in a rural area in northern Wisconsin, enjoying the holiday season with my boyfriend and his very large family. There was snow piled high; it decorated the evergreens. We bundled up and took long walks, enjoy vistas of Green Bay. Since I brought the right kind of clothing, I didn’t even feel cold, just invigorated. On Saturday, we drove to Green Bay to attend the Packers v. Vikings football game, my first ever visit to historic Lambeau Field. I had a wonderful time, and the Packers won.

selfieNow we’re in Minneapolis, spending two nights with my boyfriend’s parents. I’m seated in a room in their house that is mostly windows, with a view of their yard and a pond. Everything is covered in snow and it’s just beautiful.

Our Christmas was loads of fun. See, I come from a small family: one sister, no aunts or uncles or cousins, so it s was treat to spend the holiday with so many relatives. Most all were welcoming to us, especially my boyfriend’s brothers, who are both super-nice guys. They went out of their way to make us feel at home.

So, we are here until Thursday morning, so we will spend some time on outdoor activities, may some ice skating and a sport called “curling” that is played on ice. Maybe we’ll go out to a bar tonight to have a few beers with my boyfriend’s buddies form his college days.

Have a nice Tuesday, everyone.

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