A New Year’s gift to my readers and friends …..


luke-halpin-3Hi, friends and readers:

It’s New Year’s Eve, and I suppose we must celebrate in one way or another. Me, I’m staying home and building a fire on my patio. It’s a pretty night here: 72 degrees F and still. I love it.

Tonight I am posting two of my favorite photos. The one on top is Luke Halpin, when he was maybe 16. For gay boys my age Luke was an idol because he wore very little clothing on his TV show, Flipper. He often appeared in teen magazines; the girls were crazy about him. And the gay boys went nuts over him. I understand he is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, which makes me sad. Luke, I will always love you.

Okay, the second photo I have posted tonight is a shot of River Phoenix, perhaps the most beautiful guy who ever lived. And very talented in the acting department. Poor River, he succumbed to drug and alcohol problems in the 1990’s

river-phoenix-7It’s New Year’s Eve, here on the island. I have very mixed feelings about 2016. Donald Trump will be our president? A carnival barker will lead our country? What a nightmare ….

But I have things to be happy about: my health, the beautiful place I live, my friends and neighbors. I love my fishing camp and  the YMCA. So, despite the downsides of my life right now, I am grateful.

Look, count your blessings, Please do. I wish River Phoenix were here tonight, to enjoy this nice night with me, but he is gone and I am not. I will carry on in his absence.

All right, everyone, I must get on with business. Have a wonderful  New Year’s Eve, wherever you are. I wish you the best.


One thought on “A New Year’s gift to my readers and friends …..

  1. Hi Martin and Happy New Year to you! I have written before and while I realize you have innumerable followers perhaps this will refresh your recollection: I graduated the University of Florida law school and we’re right about the same age. I live in Port Richey now.

    At any rate, remember me or not, I have a question to ask of you. Let me start off by saying I am not “out” and I don’t want to lose what friends I have, sad I know, so I’m staying closeted. At least for now. That being gotten out of the way, I am fairly bursting with ideas for novels of all kinds. Mystery, erotic, historical fiction, etc. How would I get started along a parallel path with you? I am retired and the extra income would be nice….very nice. Plus, as I alluded to earlier, I am fairly bursting with creativity! I need an outlet!

    Well whatever, I love your blog, follow it religiously (love the eye candy) and hearing about you and your successful relationship!

    All the best,


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