Guys losing their briefs; chilly morning on the island ….

briefs-going-down-2Hi, friends and readers:

I don’t know what is sexier, watching a guy lower his briefs, or peeling them down his legs for him. It’s a close question, but in the end I guess I’d choose doing it for him. Nonetheless, I think the photos I am posting here this morning are pretty hot. I wonder where the farm is that Mr. Blondie to the left here works at? Is he on his lunch break? Aye-yi-yi ….

I’m up early this morning after going to bed at a reasonable hour last night. This stupid head cold I caught up in Wisconsin seems to be subsiding, which is good. But I’m not going to walk on the beach this morning. Outside, the temperature is around 55 degrees F, and the wind is blowing about 15 MPH, which makes for rather unpleasant conditions at the shore. I’ll wait till thing warm up this afternoon before I take my usual three-mile walk for some exercise.

briefs-going-downToday, of course, is New Year’s Eve, and for some it’s an important occasion. For me it’s a total non-event, simply another day on the calendar. I don’t need an excuse to drink champagne. I also don’t choose to pay an exorbitant cover charge to enter a bar or club where they gouge me for overpriced drinks and/or snacks. Also, all the amateur drinkers are on the road which isn’t too good for your safety. My plans are simple. I have a nice New York strip steak I bought from our island butcher. I’ll grill the staeak for my dinner. I have a bottle of champagne. Around 11:30 PM I will start a fire in my fire pit, and I’ll toast the New Year at midnight. Then I’ll go to bed.

What? You don’t think that’s a good way to celebrate? Hey, sorry, but it’s how I choose to do New Year’s Eve. Have fun tonight, everyone.

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