Handsome guys with dark eyes; quiet night on the island ….



Hi, friends and readers:

Okay, I gave the blue-eyed guys the spotlight this morning, so this evening I’m going with my type: dark-eyed guys with dark hair. Oh, how I’d love to be at the beach with Mr. Sexy to the lft here. What a great bulge in the pouch of his swimsuit. Aye-yi-yi …. 😉

It’s been a good day. I got some solid work done in the writing department this morning. After lunch, my boyfriend and I cleaned our house from top to bottom, and mean everything, even Venetian blinds. Now the entire house smells great and the kitchen and bathrooms are sparkling. What a great feeling.

I also re-potted a new plant for our front porch, and then I ran errands: wine market, gas station, drug store, and supermarket. I made it home around 4:30 PM, and after I took c are of paying some bills it was time to break open a cold brewski. Ah-h-h.

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See this guy to the left here? I actually met him online several years ago, in a chat room. His name is Dave, and he lived in New England, thought he originally came from Alabama. I found him incredibly sexy in a rough-around-the-edges kind of way, but sadly I never got to meet him. I mean, check out those kissable lips of his. Yummy! I wonder where Dave is today?

It’s a quiet night, here on the island. My boyfriend is doing some school-related work while I am posting on this site. Pretty soon I will light the barbeque grill, and then I’ll cook pork chops along with mac & cheese and steamed yellow squash, a nice Southern meal I always enjoy.

Okay, everyone, I hope your day was a good one as well. I will close this post by wishing all of you a lovely Tuesday night. And if your boyfriend has dark eyes, he deserves a kiss, and I mean now. 🙂

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