Guys with amazing butts; I’m up early and ready to go ….

butt #8Hi, friends and readers:

I freely admit I’m an “ass man”, a guy who likes nothing more than a young man with a firm and rounded butt like the two in this morning’s photo posts. I mean, if the guy to the left here were your boyfriend, how could you resist grabbing those cheeks multiple times per day? Yummy ….

It’s 6:30 AM here, and I’ve already been up for 45 minutes. I don’t know why I woke up so early, but I wasn’t at all sleepy when I did, so here I am at the keyboard, tapping away.

butt #2I had a nice time with my friend in the city last night. We drank a few beers, and then dined on takeout from a Greek place around the corner, which was real tasty. (And speaking of tasty, how’d you like to run your tongue over Mr. Bubble Butt’s cheeks to the left here?) Aye-yi-yi.

I have a busy day ahead. I need to review more edits on my new novel that my editor sent me. I’ll take a three-mile walk on the beach, just before lunch. After lunch I’ll drive into the city to visit the YMCA for a workout and lap-swimming. After the “Y” I’ll run a few errands, and then it’s back to the island to take care of household chores.

Tonight I am taking two good friends out for dinner in the city, to celebrate their birthdays. These guys are considerably younger than me; I have know them since they were in high school, and we have remained close friends ever since. They are straight, but they accept me for who I am, an we always have a good time together.

Have a great Friday, everyone.

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