Cute guys with braces on their teeth; I’m back from fishing ….

bracesHi, friends and readers:

I had orthodontic braces on my teeth for three years when I was in my late teens. I thought they’d never come off and I also thought they made me look ugly. But both guys in today’s photo posts have braces on their teeth, and I think they look just fine. Don’t you?

Hey, did everyone miss me while I was at my fishing camp this week? I only spent two nights there, but the weather was beautiful and the fishing was good, so the trip was worth it, even if I had to go up there alone. (My boyfriend, as you may recall, is working out of town for four months.)

braces #2I got home around two this afternoon, and then I had to unload everything I took up there and put it away. Now I’m freshly-showered and ready for a nice relaxing evening, here on the island.

By the way, isn’t this guy to the left a total babe? I’ll bet he doesn’t have any problem getting dates. I wonder if he has a boyfriend?

It’s a beautiful night, here on the island: cool, sunny and breezy. I’ll spend most of this evening alone, I’m afraid, because I’ve made no plans to do anything beyond visiting my timeshare down the street with a friend to soak in the hot tub. (Doesn’t that sound nice?)

Look it sure feels good to be home, despite the fact I had a great time at the fish camp. Thanks to all of you who stopped by in my absence Wednesday I had 2,000 visitors.

All right, everybody, I need to get busy, so I will close this post by wishing you all a wonderful Friday. And if your boyfriend has braces on his teeth be sure to tell him they look just fine on him, and then give him a kiss. 🙂

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