One more black-and-white beauty ….

black and white beauty #3Hi, friends and readers:

I thought I would post one more black-and-white photo here this evening. The boy in the photo is Dylan Dauzat, one of those YouTube/Instagram/Vines kids who has thousands of people following his silly videos. No doubt Dylan is cute, but he comes across as a total douche in his videos. Anyway, I wouldn’t mind coming home one night to find him waiting for me in my bed. 😉

I spent all day painting trellises. I’m about half-way through the job, and maybe I’ll finish up Tuesday afternoon if the weather is good. The freshly painted trellises look great; I’m glad I tackled the job. Now I’m freshly showered and about to visit our community’s quarterly street festival. There will be food and drink, and live entertainment. And there are always some hot guys to check out too. He-he-he ….

Have a nice Saturday night, friends.

11 thoughts on “One more black-and-white beauty ….

  1. Hi Martin.

    I just found your page and I love it. You’re a great writer, punchy with a clear and direct voice. I’m about to go find more of your work on amazon.

    I used to write B2B and M2M erotic fiction when I was at college (rather a few years ago). It paid some bills which was great. But more importantly, it instilled a passion for the written word that has never left me. Like you, my career has ended up revolving around writing and I lectured narrative theory at a NZ University until recently.

    It’s inspiring to see someone who has embraced their passion so completely. I wish you every hope for the future and I will be following your posts.


  2. I’m so glad you made the comment you did.

    Can we talk about all of those teenage guys who post stupid videos and have thousands to millions of followers? And girls (and some guys) worship their every word.

    I can’t stand them. “Hate” is too strong of a word, but they all remind me of all the qualities I hate in people. The amazing thing is I find them almost all the same, Dylan that you mention, Hayes Grier, the Dolan twins, etc., sure some of them are attractive, but they come across as such complete douche bag jerks. Completely obnoxious and full of themselves.

    • Hi, Benjamin:

      Yes, hate is too strong a word. They’re just annoying. Watching their videos makes me feel like I’m back in high school where anything the “in” kids did was immediately considered “cool”, no matter how stupid or inane their behavior really was. Makes me want to wretch.

      Thanks for writing.


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