Sexy wrestlers; stormy day ahead on the island ….

wrestler #7Hi, friends and readers:

We never had wrestling teams when I was in high school. The sport wasn’t popular in Florida at the time. But I had a nephew who wrestled for his high school, and I attended his matches on a regular basis. Then I befriended two high school wrestlers who were friends of a German exchange student who lived with me, and I attended their matches as well. It’s a sport that requires a good deal of self-discipline, and I admire guys who dedicate themselves to performing well on the mat. (Oh, and those singlets they were are kind of sexy too.) 😉

Anyway, I thought I’d put up two of my favorite wrestling photos this morning. The one on top I just recently came across. I think the boy in the photo is captivating. Would you agree? It’s not just his lanky frame and shaggy hair, but the intense concentration he’s exhibiting while listening to his coach.

wrestler #2This second photo was actually selected by folks who follow this website as the sexiest photo I put up in 2014, and who could blame them? I love the way sweat is glistening all over Mr. Red Singlet, and the way he has lowered the garment to his waist so we can see his carved torso. Yummy ….

I was up around 8:15 this morning, after falling asleep around 10:30 last night. I have work to do in the writing department and I need to visit the supermarket for groceries. Thunderstorms are supposed to arrive here around two PM today, so I’ll try to get a two-mile run in before it starts raining.

The NFL conference championship games will be played today, and I’ll watch the first game with friends Green Bay v. Atlanta) here on the island. I’ll be wearing my Packers jersey and ski cap, to show support for the team. 🙂

Have a nice Sunday, everyone.

3 thoughts on “Sexy wrestlers; stormy day ahead on the island ….

  1. Have you ever had those dreams that seem so real and you mistaken it for reality and while you are in this dreamscape you find yourself in the most amazing relationship with someone you have never even meet or seen. The person is composed of ever attractive person you have recently seen and their face has the characteristics of all of them combined into one. But then you wake up and realize it was just a dream and this alternate reality you were in was only temporary. Having dreams like that kinda reminds me of near death stories of where people die and suddenly go off into a place so amazing words cannot describe it. Then the doctors resuscitate them and that person wakes up and finds themself back here on Earth. To me a lucid dream is like a near death experience. It seems so real and you believe what you see until the reality of life comes smashing through your mind waking you up. Once that happens I get annoyed and pissed off for the day.

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