Cute boys in hoodies; Martin’s going fishing ….

hoodie #3Hi, friends and readers:

Ever notice how a hoodie sweatshirt enhances the appearance of certain young men, like the two in today’s photo posts. And look at the lips on the boy to the left here. Definitely DSLs … 😉

I had a nice time in the city last night, sharing time with my old friend and enjoying some tasty Greek cuisine. The weather was nice so we dined outside on his deck. When I got home I only stayed up for about an hour, and then I hit the bed. I was tired.

I slept in this morning until 8:30, so I guess I was in la-la-land for about ten hours. I’ve been exercising regularly this week, and also doing a lot of physical labor around the house, so I guess that’s why I need so much rest the past couple of days. Anyway, I feel great this morning, and I’m ready for a busy day ahead.

hoodie #2This afternoon, around 3;30, I will load up my Honda Element and drive 80 miles northward to meet my boyfriend and another friend at the marina where we keep our motorboat. We’ll cruise six miles out a river to our fishing camp, where the three of us will spend the weekend. The weather is supposed to be okay, though a little on the chilly side. At least it’s not supposed to be windy, so we’ll be fine.

Right now it’s sunny and breezy at my island home. I’ll be pretty busy getting everything ready for the weekend: bait shop, wine market, and supermarket stops, and then loading everything up in my car. But I don’t mind; it’s worth it to spend a weekend at the fishing camp. It’s one of the prettiest spots in Florida.

Have a nice weekend, friends. I’ll post again on Sunday afternoon when I get home.

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