Sexy surfers; Martin’s back from the fishing camp ….

surfer #20Hi, friends and readers:

I am ┬áthe first to admit that I am a crappy surfer. I have surfed since I was a teenager, but despite my experience I am just not an athlete, so I am only an intermediate surfer. I can catch waves and ride them, but not skillfully. I will always be mediocre, but that’s okay As long as I’m enjoying myself out on ┬áthe water who cares if I’m not that good? I’m not trying to win any medals.

surfer #19One of the great things about surfing is all the beautiful guys you get to watch surfing. You have to be in good physical condition to surf; it’s a lot of hard work, and surfers’ bodies reflect their health: bulging shoulder muscles, rippling abs, and carved chests. Yummy ….

Well, I spent to lovely nights at my fishing camp, but now I am back and feeling great. The fishing was poor this trip because of the cold weather, but we had fun anyway. Our boat ran well, we had plenty of good food to eat and plenty of beer and wine to drink.

Now everything is put away and I’m savoring a cold beer at my keyboard. I don’t have anything planned for my evening. I’ll dine on leftovers and maybe watch a Netflix movie later on. I have some laundry going into the dryer right now, and I have some correspondence to catch up on, so I’ll stay busy. Have a nice Sunday evening, friends

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