More Evan Geiselman; Martin’s feeling better ….

evan geiselman #4Hi, friends and readers:

This morning I was wondering what Evan Geiselman looks like today, compared to when this morning’s photo posts were shot. Well, some enterprising follower of this website sent me some more recent Evan photos this afternoon, and all I can say is, “Excuse me while I slip into a coma.” Aye-yi-yi, what a babe. I wonder if Evan has a boyfriend?

evan geiselman #3It took it easy today, in hopes I could fend of the head cold I woke up with this morning, and I am actually feeling much better this evening. My sore throat is gone and my sinus congestion is too. So maybe I’ll get lucky.

I got the first half of my painting project done this afternoon, and then I ran a few errands: bank and supermarket. Then I came home and took a nice hot shower. Outside it’s sunny but chilly. I won’t be sitting on my observation deck tonight. Instead I’m joining my friend and neighbor at his house to share a bottle of red wine. I bought a fresh sole fillet at the supermarket for tonight’s dinner. I’ll team that with mac & cheese and a fresh fruit salad for a tasty meal.

All right, everyone, I’m going to get busy on some edits for now, so I will wish all of you (and Evan Geiselman) a wonderful Tuesday evening.

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