Hot boys in the shower; beautiful afternoon on the island ….

shower time #3Hi, friends and readers:

When I look at the photos I have posted here this afternoon I am reminded of my college days when I lived in a fraternity house. The house was two-story, with about thirty two-man rooms. Each floor had a bathroom with gang showers, sinks and toilets, so whenever I showered there were always other guys standing alongside me in their birthday suits. It made for sensual sights as I watched water stream down my brothers’ sleek bodies. Ah, the good old days …. 😉

shower time #2I’m posting late because I had a very busy day today, I spent the first part of my morning revising sections of my novel-in-progress, and then reviewing edits sent me on another novel by my editor. I took a three-mile walk, here on the island, just before lunch, and what a beautiful day it was to walk outdoors: sunny, still, and about 72 degrees F. Just perfect.

After a quick lunch I launched into the second phase of painting a new exterior door for my vacation rental next door. It was painstaking work because the door has six windows in it and I had to paint all the little trim around each window on both sides of the door. It took over two hours but I got the job done and the door looks great.

After I cleaned up following the painting job I drove to our island’s wine market to stock my wine shelf with a week’s supply. Now I am home and ready for a relaxing evening at home. I have my doors and windows open because it’s so nice outdoors. Ah, Florida in February ….

Have a nice Thursday night, friends.