Second installment of “Serving Lisa”; beautiful day on the island ….

bdsm #9Hi, friends and readers:

How is everyone this morning? I attended a very pleasant Super Bowl gathering last night, just down the street. But I left at half-time because I was tired form this stupid head cold I cam down with last Tuesday. I hit the bed early and slept for almost eleven hours, and now I’m feeling almost 100%

It’s a beautiful day, here on the island: sunny, still, and about 75 degrees F. Since today is Monday I will visit the YMCA right after lunch to workout with weights and then swim laps in the indoor pool.

As promised, here is the second installment of Serving Lisa. Remember, folks, this story contains graphic descriptions of BDSM and consensual adult sexual acts. If you don’t like that sort of thing, then don’t read Serving Lisa. 


Serving Lisa, copyright Martin Delacroix 2010

Lisa rose, then took me by a forearm, leading me to a full-length mirror, a gilt-framed monster leaning against a wall. Sunlight entered through a window, reflecting in my pubic hair. Nearby, an umbrella stand held a gaggle of canes and switches. Lisa fingered several before choosing one that looked like a willow branch. After removing her jacket, she walked about the room, swinging the cane and making swishy sounds.

I watched her reflection in the mirror while my knees shook.

“Andreas,” she said, “will you assist?”

She had me bend at the waist and grab my ankles. Andreas stood at my side with his hand resting on my neck. “Raise your chin,” Lisa told me, “and do not lower it till we’ve finished. We’ll see how you react to proper discipline.”

I swallowed while staring at my reflection. “Yes, ma’am.”

She stepped behind me and a little to the side. Then she tapped the cane against my buttocks. A shiver coursed through me and I closed my eyes. It’s happening….

bdsm #6I heard a swish, and then the first blow landed. It stole my breath and nearly drove me to my knees, so badly did it sting. My eyes bugged and I cried out while my vision blurred.

Holy shit!

The second blow struck the underside of my buttocks, as vicious as the first. I yelped and attempted to rise, straining against Andreas’ grip, but he held me in place. Spots appeared before my eyes and my brain buzzed like I’d stuck my finger in a wall socket. A branding iron, drawn from glowing embers and pressed to my flesh, could not have hurt worse.

Several more blows followed in quick succession, some slicing across the backs of my thighs, others tormenting my ass, all of them stinging like hell. I howled with each lick, bouncing my heels and sweating till my skin glowed. I studied my face in the mirror; it was scarlet. I sucked air through clenched teeth while wincing at the pain.

Lisa paced behind me while tapping the switch against the palm of her hand. A smirk crossed her face.

“Having a good time, Lane?”

I groaned, but did not protest.

Lisa changed position, she whipped me backhanded, delivering fresh stripes of pain to my rump and thighs. My flesh was afire and I feared I might lose control of my bladder. I shrieked and whimpered like a child while tears coursed down my cheeks, but my suffering earned me no sympathy, no respite. The switch hissed time and again, and how I hated the sound.

As our session progressed, Andreas stroked my spine with his fingertips. He made shushing noises when I cried out. “There-there, Lane,” he whispered while the cane bit into my flesh.

I’ll admit I felt an urge to flee, to escape my torment, but I didn’t. I’d read the literature. If I wished to serve Lisa (and truly I did), I knew complete submission was expected.

You know, the penis does not lie. Mine remained stiff as a pool cue throughout the beating. Even as the switch flayed my skin, I knew Lisa’s ministrations were exactly what I’d longed for. Given time, I told myself, you’ll come to savor your punishments.

When the session ended and my weeping subsided, I stood before the mirror with my hands behind my neck, sniffling and shaking while Andreas rubbed salve into my welts. My buttocks were as raw as uncooked hamburger.

Lisa produced a tube of lubricant, slippery stuff she applied to my erection, spreading it about the shaft, and then coating the head, taking her time. Her touch was gentle and it sent chills up my spine. She kissed my sweaty cheek. “You did well, Lane; I’m impressed.” Then she glanced at Andreas. “Don’t you agree?”

He bobbed his chin while kneading my punished fanny.

Lisa wrapped her fingers about my penis, she pumped her hand and the lube smacked in the silent room. “I reward obedience,” she whispered while her breath swept my neck.

Things didn’t last long. Lisa’s ministrations and the pain in my backside were simply too delicious. My cock throbbed in her fingers, and then I splattered the mirror with gobs of come that oozed down the glass.

“Excellent,” said Lisa while flickering her eyebrows and admiring my seed.

Andreas smooched my shoulder.

“Good boy, Lane.”


All right, friends, that’s all of Serving Lisa for now. If you’re enjoying the story, send me a message saying so. And have a nice Monday, everyone.