Fourth and final installment of “Serving Lisa”. Typical Wednesday in store for Martin.

bdsmHi, friends and readers:

Oh my, it looks like someone’s been misbehaving in this morning’s video post. I’ve actually seen about a five-minute video clip from this production and it’s pretty hot. The young man in the video is slender and quite handsome, and he takes his punishment well.

We had a severe thunderstorm here on the island last night, with lots of lightning, thunder and heavy rain, but now the sky has cleared and the sun is shining. It’s a very nice day, in fact. Since it seems my head cold has finally subsided, I’ll follow my usual Wednesday routine, which means I’ll drive into the city to visit the YMCA for a workout. I’ll hit the supermarket on the way home, and then spend my evening working on edits on one of my works in progress.

All right, everyone, here’s the fourth and final installment of Serving Lisa. And remember, it’s not for the squeamish.


Serving Lisa, copyright Martin Delacroix 2010

It’s been an interesting month, here at Lisa’s and Andreas’s home. I’ve experienced varied punishments and humiliations, and I’ve relished each. But have I served well? Have I pleased my owners? Have I satisfied their needs?

I’ll soon find out.

Aside from attending university classes, I’ve remained in the house, mostly. Lisa whips me on a regular basis and my buttocks and thighs have been perpetually marked. Switchings are administered each Friday evening, rendering my bottom raw for weekend activities.

On my second day of service, Lisa introduced me to Ivan, a latex butt plug, conical in shape with a slender neck and a handle like a poker chip. Each morning thereafter, before breakfast, Lisa escorted me to an upstairs bathroom where Ivan is kept. I’d bend at the waist and spread my buttocks while Lisa greased Ivan, and then stuffed him inside my anus. The plug would remain there until my bedtime, when I’d remove Ivan myself, bathing him in soap and warm water before putting him away, all under Lisa’s watchful gaze. The first week, I wept every time Ivan entered me and I begged Lisa to withdraw the plug, but she always refused.

“Discomfort’s essential to a slave’s training,” she told me.

I’m still not used to Ivan, but I’ve accepted the fact that my anus no longer belongs to me. Lisa’s their owner and Ivan’s a daily visitor.

Each night since my arrival, I’ve slept on the floor of my owners’ bedroom, at the foot of their bed, on a pad. In darkness, I’ve often heard them make love, Lisa sighing, Andreas moaning. Had they forgotten I was there?

I’ve eaten all my meals from a stainless steel dog bowl on the kitchen floor without utensils of any kind, with my hands cuffed behind my back. Sometimes I was fed what my owners ate, other nights I ate canned dog food, jazzed with a bit of ketchup.

Once, Lisa took me to a party, a mistress/slave boy gathering held at a private residence with perhaps twenty guests. Lisa wore her knee boots, her mini-skirt and corset, and as soon as we arrived I was ordered to strip—all the boys were naked. Some were my age, others a little older. In the living area a small stage was outfitted with a chair and a leather paddle, and at various times during the evening one mistress or another would bring her slave to the platform for a public over-the-knee spanking. I remember the dread I felt watching the other boys endure their paddling, hearing their cries and viewing their crimson rumps. My own spanking was especially vicious; Lisa showed no mercy and my buttocks flamed. I lost control and wept like a child, feeling humiliated that so many strangers were witnessing my meek submission to Lisa’s will. Of course, my penis grew stiff as soon as I took the stage, it leaked pre-come as I writhed on Lisa’s lap, wailing and pleading for mercy.

Some boys were taken into bedrooms for sexual activities, but I was not allowed this privilege. Throughout my training, sex has been limited to the hand-jobs Lisa’s given me after my punishments, and I’ve yet to see her naked.

Andreas has shown no sexual interest in me, nor has he punished me. He treats me with respect and kindness, and though I address him as “sir”, I consider him a friend.

Now, I hear footsteps. I hear Lisa’s voice, Andreas’s too; they’re in the hallway. A doorknob turns and they enter the room. The time’s around ten in the evening and a single lamp burns on the nightstand. Light in the room is dim and I smell Lisa’s cologne.

My pulse quickens. It’s judgment time.

They approach. Andreas has brought the jar of salve and I hear him unscrew the lid. He stands behind me, a little to the side, saying nothing. He applies ointment to my punished buttocks, rubbing and squeezing them while my penis stiffens.

Lisa reaches for my erection; she teases the head with her fingertips. “Such a handsome boy,” she whispers.

I keep my gaze straight ahead, saying nothing. I blink my eyes and swallow. What will happen to me? Have they decided?

Lisa says, “Have you enjoyed your month of service, Lane?”

“Yes, ma’am. Very much so.”

“Do you wish to continue?”

Tears cloud my eyes and I shiver with joy. My voice cracks when I say, “Of course.”

“It won’t get any easier.”

Say it.

“Ma’am, I don’t like it easy.”

Andreas kisses my neck. “Good boy,” he says.

They lead me to their bed and Lisa lowers the covers, she plumps the pillows. She tells me, “Tonight you’ll be rewarded for your efforts, for your obedience.”

Andreas and Lisa undress.

Andreas lies on the bed with his legs outstretched and one arm bent at the elbow. His head rests against his hand while he watches me and Lisa.  His erection is a whopper.

I kneel before Lisa and bury my face in the dark curls between her thighs; I work my tongue up inside her. She smells like fresh straw. I spread her labia and find her clitoris and I worship it with all the vigor I can muster. My tongue flicks at the nub until it’s swollen and firm, till her juices flow and dampen my chin.

Lisa runs her hands through my hair and her breath quickens. She asks me to rise and we move to the bed; it’s a king-size with plenty of room for three.  I lie in the middle facing Lisa. I kiss her lips and our mouths open and our tongues rub like snakes.  After I lower my face to her breasts, I take a nipple into my mouth, licking and sucking. Lisa takes my penis in her hand; she squeezes and I moan.

Behind me, Andreas strokes my back with his fingertips, he massages my shoulders while the tip of his penis nudges my flaming buttocks. I reach behind me and give his erection a squeeze, it’s a “thank you” of sorts for his many kindnesses. His erection is bigger than mine, as thick as my butt plug.

Lisa looks me in the eyes while stroking my temple with a fingernail. “Tonight you will play two roles, Lane. You’ll take me, but Andreas will take you at the same time.”

I clench my teeth. A butt-fucking? Me?

Lowering my gaze, I tell Lisa, “Look, I can’t….”

She raises a finger to my lips, silencing me. “Ivan has prepared you for anal intercourse. You’ll find it pleasurable, and it’s a fine obedience exercise.”

I draw a breath. Don’t resist, Lane. She knows best. Do as she says.

I nod and tell her, “All right, then.”

Her vagina is tight. It grips my penis as I enter and I groan with pleasure. Behind me, Andreas lubricates my anus with a finger, getting me loose, working the digit in and out. I thrust my hips, but Lisa presses a hand to my chest.


She pulls my face to her shoulder and sucks my neck, giving me a hickey. While she’s doing this Andreas brings his erection to my anus. I inhale deeply while he applies pressure. (I’ve learned to do this when Ivan comes calling.) Andreas pierces my anal ring, and then he bores inside me. I exhale and draw another breath, this one through gritted teeth.

“Relax,” Lisa whispers. “You can fuck me now.”

I thrust my hips while, behind me, Andreas does the same. His erection plunges in and out, working my hole; it pokes my prostate when he’s fully inside me, and feels pretty good.

Lisa’s pussy is exquisite, flexing against my cock. Each time I thrust she groans. We establish a rhythm, she and I and Andreas, and the bedsprings creak with our movements. Lisa reaches behind me; she slaps my blistered bottom several times and I cry out. My pain mixes with the pleasure I derive from fucking Lisa, with a feeling of rectal fullness that Andreas’s erection imparts.

Yeah, sodomy’s humiliating—it’s a supreme act of submission for a straight guy like me—but I find myself reveling in my role as fuckboy.

Who’d have guessed?

Lisa knew I’m sure. I’ll bet she’s had this moment planned all along. She understands my need to obey, my love of surrender, and now the butt-reaming takes me to a level of service greater than any I’ve experienced to date. It is utterly degrading, yet delightful and I am grateful to my owners for their insight, for their generosity.

They know me better than I know myself.

I close my eyes and a tear leaks out as I thrust, while waves of pleasure course through my body. My buttocks boil and my cock throbs and my asshole burns like hell. I groan when my seed jets inside Lisa.

You did it, Lane, I tell myself. You’ve served them well.

You’ve earned yourself a home.

—The End—


All right, friends, I hope you enjoyed reading Serving Lisa as much as I enjoyed writing it. Have a nice Wednesday, everyone.