Hot guys wearing sunglasses; Martin’s off to Tallahassee ….



Hi, friends and readers:

Here in coastal Florida we never leave the house during daytime without our sunglasses. It’s sunny most every day, and because we’re surrounded by water the sun’s glare is intense.

Anyway, I like the look of a sexy guy wearing sunglasses. The sunglasses give him an air of mystery because you don’t know exactly what he’s looking at.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I think Mr. Ball Cap to the left here is about as sexy a guy as I’ve ever seen. He’s lean and slim in the hips, definite boyfriend material.

Speaking of sunshine, a cold front swept into town last night, and this morning it’s a little chilly out there. A stiff wind is blowing out of the north too, so winter is definitely here today.

sunglasses #4Check out Mr. Pink Undies to the left here. I’m not sure why he’s wearing sunglasses indoors, but that’s okay, he looks great in his, doesn’t he?

I have a busy day ahead of me today. Right after I eat lunch I will climb into my Honda Element and drive 250 miles northward to spend a long weekend with my boyfriend in Tallahassee. He’s doing a four-month internship up there, and so we’re doing the back-and-forth thing on weekends. I don’t mind making the drive. The traffic shouldn’t be too bad and the second half of the trip is actually pretty, once I reach the rural areas.

I’m bringing my laptop with me to Tallahassee, so I’ll be able to post while I am up there. Have a nice Friday, everyone, wherever you are. And if you’re going outdoors, don’t forget your sunglasses. 🙂