Hot guys with sexy abs; Tallahassee is so beautiful ….

abs #1Hi, friends and readers:

Nothing looks quite as sexy as a young man with a set of rippling abdominal muscles. Washboard abs are something only young men with virtually no body fat possess. The rest of us can only wish we had a “six pack.”

Oh, well, in spite of the fact I enjoyed my youth, I wouldn’t go back, just for the gift of abs. I’m enjoying my life just fine with abs, thank you. But I still enjoy looking at guys who have them on display, like the two in today’s photo posts.

abs #2I arrived in Tallahassee Friday afternoon for a four-day visit with my boyfriend. He’s doing an internship up here that will last till late April. Tallahassee is one of Florida’s most beautiful cities, with its classical Southern architecture, its stately live oaks and long leaf pines, and its curving roads.

Yesterday we drove down to the coast to visit a remote state park where we rented a canoe and did a three-hour canoe trail on two beautiful rivers. We were the only people out there for the most part, and what a gorgeous place it was. This is a part of Florida most tourists and even native Floridians never see, and it’s too bad.

Anyway, we’ve had lots of fun doing things we enjoy, and it’s so good to be with my boyfriend for uninterrupted days. Last night we gorged ourselves on raw oysters before dining on barbecue. Tonight we’re grilling surf ‘n turf. The weather here is amazing: sunny, dry and about 75 degrees F.

Have a nice Sunday, everyone.