Lover boys getting close. Happy Valentine’s Day from Martin ….

lover boys #2Hi, friends and readers:

It’s Valentine’s Day 2017, and if you have a boyfriend (And you really should.) then it’s important that you spend some time today getting extra close to each other, like the boys in today’s photo posts are doing. No doubt what’s in store for Mr. Blondie to the left here, now is there. Bottom up! 🙂

My boyfriend just left for work, and I’m here at his apartment, looking out into his patio, where the flowers in a pot I brought him are blooming nicely. They really add color to the patio. And the roses and vase I bought him look great on his dining table where I am seated right now.

Call me a sentimentalist, but I think it’s important to do little things for each other, not just on holidays but all the time. It’s the difference between a ho-hum relationship and a meaningful one, in my opinion.

lover boys #6Well, it’s time for me to leave beautiful Tallahassee and return to my little island down south, where many projects and responsibilities await my attentions. I went to law school at FSU, here in Tallahassee, and it’s been nice re-connecting with the city after all these years. But I love where I live even more because I’m a coastal boy and I like to be near the shore.

In about an hour I will climb into my Honda Element for the five-hour drive home. It’s not a bad drive, really, at least until I reach north Tampa, but I’ll beat rush hour no problem. Once home I’ll need to water plants and go through the mail, and I’ll probably thaw something out for tonight’s dinner. It’s a full day for sure, so I’d best get on with it.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day everyone, and a good Tuesday as well.