Hot boys in a-shirts; rainy Saturday on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

It takes a special guy to pull of wearing an a-shirt. He has to be slender, with just a bit of muscle in his arms and shoulders. I think the guys in today’s photo posts look great in their a-shirts, don’t you? 😉

My boyfriend got home last night around eight PM, and after we dined on fresh grouper and fruit salad my boyfriend got a blaze going in our patio fire pit. Since the night was chilly, the fire felt just right.

Sadly, I woke up this morning around 3:30 AM, and I mean I was wide awake. So I poured myself a glass of wine and then I worked on my novel-in-progress until I got sleepy again, around five AM. Then I ended up sleeping until around nine AM, which got me off to a slow start. Oh, well, it’s nice having my boyfriend home for the weekend. We just finished lunch, and now he’s off running errands: bank, haircut, plant nursery, etc.

Now, have a look at Mr. Shaggy Hair to the left here. He fills out that black a-shirt perfectly, doesn’t he? Imagine spending an afternoon with him, maybe watching a movie on TV with your arm around his sexy shoulders. Yummy ….

I’m staying home and taking care of correspondence this afternoon. I have work to do in the writing department as well, so I will stay busy. Outside it’s drizzling rain, so the yard work I planned to perform today will have to wait until things dry up, and that’s okay.

My boyfriend is attending a formal dress ball his school is sponsoring tonight. I was invited but chose not to attend. Formal balls are not my thing these days, but he’ll have a good time with his classmates, while I enjoy the comfort of my home.

Have a nice Saturday, everyone, wherever you might be today.

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