The Lanky Spider Boy grows up …..

Hi, friends and readers:

One of the most popular links in my sidebar is the one taking people to the workout videos of a guy who calls himself the Lanky Spider Boy. Mr. Lanky started making videos when he was in his early teens, and at some point Facebook cut him off because he started soliciting money from his viewers. (Oh no. :-()

Anyway, that’s Mr. Lanky to the left here, and you must admit he’s quite a handsome lad. Sadly, some of his videos featured his girlfriend (Oh no again. :-(), so it seems he does not play for our team. But that’s okay, at least we can still view his videos and admire his workout-toned physique, which he is more than happy to let us study.

Yesterday I came across a video clip that Mr. Lanky just put up on the Internet, and I must say he’s looking great, now that he’s probably nineteen or so. Look, you have to respect any young person who dedicates himself to something positive in life. Good for you, Lanky. Here’s a link to the clip:

Isn’t he gorgeous? Enjoy, guys …. 😉

2 thoughts on “The Lanky Spider Boy grows up …..

  1. Lanky Spider’s return is definitely the best news of the year so far! In fact he’s just 17… but I agree he has a body to die for. Well worth watching his videos especially as he ALWAYS works out shirtless.

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