Beautiful Luke Halpin and everything you wanted to know about his body ….

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Back in the mid-1960’s a television show titled Flipper aired. One of the stars of the show was a teenage actor named Luke Halpin. That’s Luke to the left, as he appeared in the show. Luke was shirtless in probably 75% of the scenes he appeared in, and this wasn’t by happenstance. As soon as the show first aired, Luke became a celebrity because of his amazing body. He wasn’t a beefcake, just sinewy and smooth. And his thick blond hair was amazing.

Recently, someone sent me a link to a lengthy article authored by a Luke Halpin devotee who provides a detailed history of Luke, and also discusses Luke’s amazing physique at length. Of course the article provides dozens of Luke Halpin photos for those folks who enjoy them. Here’s the link to the article:

I was a young teenager when Flipper was broadcast on TV; I was a horny young gay man living in a world hostile to male/male sex. But at least I could dream about holding Luke in my arms and stroking his beautiful hair, among other things. 😉

I understand Luke is still alive in south Florida, but he’s in poor health. That is sad news, but I will always be grateful for those early years in my life when I had Luke to brighten my days.

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      • According to Wikipedia that is what is happening. School, the school is not the problem, it’s the crappy groups I’m stuck with and this anoying ass instructor that is a drama queen and always bitches about other people that work there. I wanna take his lower lip and stretch it over his face and say swallow.

          • I’m finishing up my AAS at this school and then getting the flock out of here to finish the other two years. Most of these people here have a very low maturity level. I think that is why I can’t be friends with anyone around here is because they are just too fucking weird. Since I am not a video gamer that just dings the odds down even more because I swear that is all the fucking people in my classes do. There is this group of guys that are in there twenties and in class they just sit together and play video games on their laptops. But they are not the only ones. It’s like everybody in my classes. Video games are the new porn. You can watch it wherever you are and you can jerk your joy stick till you fucking go to bed. Then when you get done fondling that you can try to fondle yourself, but when they try to fondle themselves they can’t concentrate because their freaking minds are stuck in cyber land. I’m sure most of these bitches drip like a broken faucet. Rant Ended.

          • Yeah, Dalton, the gaming lifestyle has to be the lamest excuse for existence I can think of. No exercise, no real social interaction, no usable skills, just a huge waste of time.


  1. Indeed, I loved the serie Flipper and its main person. He was more or less the impersonifiction of the type boys I liked.

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