Spring Breakers at the hotel; easy night ahead for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

People mistakenly think that all the fun during Spring Break takes place at the shore. And while there is certainly a lot of mingling and drinking at the beach, there’s often a lot more action in the hotels, where you might meet a special someone in a corridor or in the pool. Or how would you like to share a hot tub with Mr. Abs and Ball Cap to the left here. Good god he’s gorgeous, isn’t he? I even like his dark stubble. Imagine him rubbing it against your chin while you’re tongue-kissing him? Aye-yi-yi, where is his hotel?

Okay, I’ve spent a rather relaxed day by my standards, but an enjoyable one just the same. Right after lunch I took a lovely three-mile walk along the shore, just checking out the first wave of Spring Breakers who’ve invaded our island. Lots of youthful flesh down there to see.

Check out Mr. Turquoise Shorts to the left here. Imagine striking up a conversation with him, and maybe inviting him up to your hotel room for a few beers? Aye-yi-yi, what a babe …. 🙂

When I came home from the beach I hosed down my back screened porch; it needed it. Then I watered all my patio and exterior plants that don’t get hit by our sprinkler system. I ran a load of laundry too.

Every year about this time I clear out my clothes closet of items I’m just not wearing any longer. I always take the discarded clothes to a church thrift store, here on the island, where they will be sold to generate revenue for the church. While I am not a person of faith, it’s a nice, nonjudgmental church, so I like to help them out. I  did my closet clear out Monday, so this afternoon I took the clothes to the thrift store. I hope someone enjoys wearing the hoodies I donated. 🙂

I’ll spend an easy evening at home tonight, and that’s just fine. Have a great Wednesday night, friends.

4 thoughts on “Spring Breakers at the hotel; easy night ahead for Martin ….

  1. I want you to roam the beach tomorrow asking random college people if they have has sex within the last 24 hours. If they haven’t then ask them If they would have sex with you. Record all of this information and report it to me. I am the judge of this sausage party we call spring break.

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